My Story


I’m a 69 year old artist exploring the cycles of age and change. 

Flowers are left to dry and then are arranged in groups or single blooms.  I record the intensity of the colors as they fade; the strength of the stems that refuse to bend and the core of the blossom as its petals encircle around to protect.  This series mirrors the reality versus the assumptions of the passage of time.  The expected outcome of fragility and decay might not mirror the actual truth.  

In a similar vein, I explore the life cycle of ponds.  The patterns of water offer a glimpse of stillness and movement, coexisting within a single environment.  Ripples spreading out in ever widening circles give a glimpse of what’s under the surface.  The ecosystem contained within a single body of water is constantly changing and evolving, even as it remains motionless.

Recording each detail, each shadow and wrinkle forces me to stop and take in the complete picture.

I ask that you pause; to see what I see.