The Current Work

Fading Peony

This series –  

This year I’m immersing myself into petals, namely fading petals, tracing paper thin that will fly away with the slightest breeze.  There’s something about these flowers I collect.  Every week I lay them on a surface and wait for each bloom to dry out and contract, to fold into itself…

So I dive in… ready to spend a year (or more) watching and waiting and recording what I see.  Is this a goal or a calling?  Will I at the end understand what fascinates me about these colors and these shapes or will I have more questions than when I started?  The ability to record and share allows me not only to show what this process is about, but also forces me to stand back and see what I’ve been doing.  Many times all I can envision is what’s in front of me right now.  It’ll be good to watch how this unfolds. 

These pieces in my head (and there are so many), whisper to be allowed out, a voice that silently murmurs “see what I see”.  The making is the end result, the work happens in looking; the discovery of what is possible.  There are other projects, many more works waiting but for some reason this is what needs to get out now.

Will I occasionally move in another direction?  Quite possibly, but only to take a break and return to these blooms with fresh eyes.  These breaks might be the precursors to the next series and will be given a voice, though it will be fleeting. 

So here I go, not knowing all the answers but having enough to begin. 

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